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Reconnecting with our true selves in loving service

More and more people are losing connection with their true selves. The growth of greed, selfishness and envy keeps causing distress in the world.

Then how can we find our true self and live in alignment with it?

We at the Village of Love aspire to inspire people to rebuild and strengthen the connection between the eternal soul and the Supreme. To build that connection we need to utilize our God gifted abilities and potential to serve our neighbours (the children of God).

In this journey of self discovery, we will understand our purpose in life and nourish each other with love. Compassion for the eternal soul is self-realization. We appreciate the differences and establish spiritual connection by seeing every living being with equal vision. 

Join us in the Village of Love!

Sri Radha Govinda Dasi

Founder of Village of Love, unit of Gaura Foundation

I grew up in a South Indian family. Since childhood, I have been seeing the great need for the young girls & women to find dignity and honor while living a difficult life. I saw my grand mothers struggling and fighting to find their dignified place in this society. I see how neglect in early years can lead us to crawl before others, and how only emotional and spiritual nourishment can save us. I am dedicating to teach and train women to find their dignity and strength to align themselves to God's will. 


I got the opportunity to travel the world and see how some other countries are more open to giving better facilities to women than India. I want to share the love I have received by motivating, training and empowering others to pay forward the blessings we receive. 

Support us to further this mission and bring light into the lives of those who badly need. 


Also known as Srilakshmi Oppecini, is an author of 8 books, Vedic Astrologer, world traveler and speaks nine languages. She helps women, children and students around the world to find themselves through spiritual education.

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